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Célia   2016-08-31 08:42:09
Hello Bruno Demostene,

My name is Célia, I manage the relationship with Pixopolitan's photographers, the first website specialized in the sale of photographic art of major world cities ! (

I am contacting you because I came accross your great pictures on 500px! I particularly liked this one : and

They perfectly reflect the kind of pics we are looking for at Pixopolitan and I would be glad to have you as part of our community of photographers.
Amateur or professional photographer, there are many advantages to being part of the community :

• You benefit from Pixopolitan exposure and showcase your talent to an audience keen on urban photographs.
• You can take part in call to actions in your city
• You get a commission each time one of your photographs is sold.
Terms & Conditions:

If you are interested in this opportunity and you are willing to subscribe, it is quick and simple :
• You fill out the form here :
• You can upload up to 10 of your best shots.
• A panel evaluates them takes and gives you an answer a few days later.
If at least one of your photos is kept, you will be part of the community and will be able to keep on uploading pics every 2 weeks.
I hope that you feel like joining us ! Please check out our facebook page to get to know us better :
And feel free to contact me for any further information, it would be a pleasure to answer your questions !

I look forward to having you on board soon :-)
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