DIGITAL WIDE SYSTEM The Cambo Wide Series provides true wide-angle coverage that is so lacking in most medium format digital photography systems today. With a choice of focal lengths starting at the incredible wide 23mm up to the moderate telephoto 150mm and options for even longer focal lengths, the Cambo Wide system of cameras are the ideal solution for today’s architectural and landscape photographers. The concept of the Cambo Wide family began decades ago. It grew out of architectural and landscape photographer’s needs for a lightweight and portable camera that would produce the finest quality images.

As large and medium format film was supplanted by high-quality digital backsas the pinnacle of photographic quality, Cambo evolved its Wide cameras to embrace this new technology. Today we offer three distinctly different models of Wide cameras, the Wide Compact, the Wide RS 1200 and the Wide RS 5000, each in different configurations. Each model has its own unique features, yet all are compatible with a shared family of lenses and digital back options. All Cambo Wide models combine the quickness and portability of a hand-held DSLR, the latest digital-lens technology and the highest resolution digital backs. The end result gives you the finest quality images possible today.

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